The Ignition Road Map

Phase 1: foundation
(week 1-4)

You’re just getting started. While it’s not uncommon to generate great sales leads at this stage - your activity levels will be at the lowest they ever will be. The goal is to gradually build up the activity levels, while using feedback from the interactions you have to improve things for the next phase.


phase 2: traction phase
(week 5-8)

You will now start to see activity ramp up as we include promotional messaging and additional follow-ups. Your network will be starting to warm up now, meaning more leads and better results.

phase 3: ignition phase
(week 9-12)

At this point you will have a lot of activity happening on LinkedIn! In fact, you’re going to be spending a good amount of time each day dealing with all the engagement. Many of our users find they need to delay moving into the Ignition Phase until they can adjust their own business processes to handle the amount of activity. As problems go, it’s a good one to have!
As recruiters and process experts we'll help set up those systems.